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Cognize Tech Solutions

We provide excellent talents to assist excellent businesses.

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Welcome to Cognize Tech Solutions

Consulting with Purpose

Founded in 2007, Cognize Tech Solutions is an Industrial Training and HR business solutions firm that provides a wide range of human resource services to diverse industries. Cognize Tech Solutions' goal is to develop a community of competent and energetic individuals by nurturing fresh graduates and working professionals who want to make a name for themselves in the IT and Non-IT fields. When it comes to supplying exceptional resources, we are proud of our rigorous staffing approach, agility, and speed of execution.

Our Vision

We want to be more than a staffing organization; we want to be a pipeline of professional expertise and fulfilling career possibilities. With every placement, we want to complement lives and assist companies thrive.

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Corporate Training We Provide


Cognize Tech Solutions is an expert solution of stuffing and training to match your exact needs. Our expertise has been in sourcing exceptional personnel and assisting in their placement to meet the demands of our clients in the United States. We have a very stringent and thorough selection and screening system, and applicants who have demonstrated the capacity to perform at any operational level are readily picked and completed.

Consulting Reviews

What My Clients Have to Say

I can always count on getting the right person for the job, on the Cognize team. They have some of the best employees working on my crucial project.

Sainath Chillapuram
Financial Chief Officer

Highly trained professionals working for the betterment of your future. It was a pleasure beginning my work life with them.

James Bediako
Lead HR Manager

Cognize provided me with exceptional service. I was sent an exact candidate we were looking for in one of our vulnerable projects. I look forward to building a log lasting relationship with them.

Rajiv Pathak
Project Manager

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